- Come enjoy this fantastic gift for anyone who owns a home, apartment or condo. Our stylish monogram and classic address stamps help promote your business or service with a much desired, functional gift. These uniquely personal self-inking stamps incorporate your permanent, full color marketing message on the front of each stamp, while providing a convenient way for your customer to identify all their correspondence. Your customized marketing information can include your photograph, company logo, phone number, e-mail, and any additional contact information.

- The Perfect Closing Gift (PCG) Vintage Monogram and Classic Address stamps keep your name in front of your client for the long term. Different from the consumable gift that is used and forgotten, the stylish PCG stamps are durable, long lasting, and useful. We offer many great stamp impressions that include custom borders, monograms, and type styles. Your "personalized" gift is perfect for any homeowner, business client, or friend.

- The PCG Stamp Collection starts as low as $25.85 (at quantity of 100) for the trendy Vintage Monogram and $15.05 (at quantity of 100) for the stylish Classic Address. Each stamp will include your permanent marketing message and a uniquely crafted address stamp impression for your client. Imagine, giving a "personalized" gift that provides unlimited shelf life as a reminder of your fantastic service.