Wrought Iron Easels
For Small and Large Cutting Boards


- Come enjoy our beautiful line of personlized cutting boards and coaster sets. Each one our 8 unique hand painted designes allow you to "personalize" both our 12 X 15 Pyrex glass cutting boards or our tumbled marble coasters with your clients name. In addition, each cutting board provides our unique "soft spot" that creativly displays your "personalized" signature line and contact information. Remember, by making it "PERSONAL" you are giving a gift that lasts a lifetime.

- The PCG Home Decor cutting boards and coaster sets keep your name in front of your client. Different from the consumable gift, the beautiful PCG Home Decor line is durable, long lasting, and usefull. Your "personaized" gift is perfect for any homeowner, business client, or friend.

- The PCG Home Decor cutting boards and coaster sets are as low as $21.95 per unit. Imagine, a "personalized" gift that provides unlimited shelf life as a reminder of your fantastic service.